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Living the Prescription for a Great Life

We as coaches are in a position to create positive change for all the members of our community. We provide the tools and the platforms to ensure our clients not only become stronger, fitter and healthier but happier also. 

Part of our belief to have a happier and more vibrant life is to spend as much time playing new sports and doing the activities each individual enjoys. Whether it is mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee or golf. 

Since many of you might not have the chance to witness our coaches take part in sports or activities outside the gym I wanted to take a moment to share what each coach does to ensure they are practicing our prescription for a great life. 

Dashie - Dashie loves to spend time in her garden and to bicycle around the city. In addition to her garden she has also been playing ultimate frisbee for a few years now. 

Sheppy - I have known Sheppy to go on several surf trips in the years I have known him. Also, his pursuit to improve his golf game year after is something to admire. 

TBear - Similar to Sheppy, Tbear has gone on several surf trips over the years and also spends a good amount of time practicing and playing golf over the year. TBear also loves to play and work in his massive garden (with Dashie).

Andy - The mysterious Andy loves to ditch Vancouver on the weekend and head the the mountains. Particularly he enjoys ski-touring and some cross-country skiing. It has also been brought up that he enjoys going on sporadic solo overnight hikes. Andy also has been to known be a big fan of treading water at Kits Beach. 

Chesty - Emile loves the sun. He can often be seen working out topless in the parking lot in the summer just to catch some rays. For Emile, hanging out on his patio and soaking up the sun in the summer is a go-to for relaxation and down time. 

Emily - Similar to Chesty, Emily enjoys chilling at the beach reading or napping. She is always trying to "get some colour". Emily and I have seeked out swimming holes and rivers to swim in during the summer. Unfortunately we mostly just get lost...

Tom - I can admit I am by far the worst culprit on this list of getting out and spending time outside of the gym. Two years ago I bought a bike to aid in my adventurousness. I purchased a spike-ball net this past summer. It is by far my favourite beach game. This coming summer I have the intention of purchasing a stand up paddle-board to force me to spend some time doing things to aid in mental recovery and promote some "me" time. 

One of the beautiful things about our community is having so many like minded people in one place. It was brought to my attention some of our members teamed up and went snow shoeing this past weekend. If you are always seeking adventure and new friends to do it with, there is no shortage at Madlab. 

We love seeing you guys in the gym getting stronger and faster, but we also love to see you guys using your improved fitness to learn and master different skills and activities. 

Keep at it. 

Coach Tom