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Pretty Snatches

Beautiful. Today's Skill Element: Snatch @ 70%. Focus on positioning and speed. Today's Workout: Quarter Gone Bad 135 pound Thruster, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds 50 pound Weighted pull-up, 15 seconds Rest 45 Seconds Burpees, 15 seconds Rest 45 seconds 5 rounds. Total reps. If you haven't done so, put a picture of yourself up on your leaderboard profile. 'People want to get to know who you are, especially those who you beat smile and it just looks lame to have to look at a picture of a question mark with your name attached. Just having the gumption to do the workout and post your score is enough to get respect from our community. Put a photo of yourself up and post your scores. You will get fitter and make great friends in the process' - Patty Andy