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Project Endurance!

Alright all you runners and wanna be runners. The time is upon us to pick up our feet and hit the pavement (or trail)! CrossFit Vancouver presents "Project Endurance!" This program is designed to make you a better runner. Whether you suck at it or already have a sub 6 minute mile. There will be focus on effective technique and strategy. We will be practicing time trials, tempo runs, interval training, and hill workouts. ...   Dan "The Afghan" Fontaine, Chris "The Shepherd" Saini, and Andrew "The Monk" Swartz all look forward to helping you improve your running so you move like a cheetah! The cost $160. For this you will get: A 2.5 hour Running as a Skill workshop on January 28th starting at 2:30 pm. Group sessions Saturday at noon for 10 weeks. Two running homework assignments every week. This is all based upon you also doing 3 CrossFit Vancouver WODs per week. At or near the end of the 10 weeks you are encouraged to enter a local race. My First Trail Race April 1. The Vancouver Sun Run April 15. Tough Mudder June 23. Contact coach Chris Saini @ to register. Giddy Up!!