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Project Endurance Fall 2017

Upgrade Your Power Plant

Project Endurance is a 6-week program designed to condition your heart and lungs and musculature for better health and performance.

We’ll take your sputtering coal burning furnace, and turn into to a humming nuclear reactor.


  • Your time in the mountains will be effortless with giant, powerful lungs that can pull air from the next town over.
  • Your tasks in the gym will feel like child’s play with a battery that can last for days.
  • Your play on the field or court or ice will be sooo much easier with a bigger-badder-meaner Left Ventricle.

Simply put - a better engine means better performance. 

Here's what you can expect:

A lot of Rowing, Running, Air Bike and Sled work.

A big increase in your recovery ability.

    • A powerful heart can shuttle muscle waste away from working musculature, and return nutrients to repair and rebuild, much faster than an untrained heart.

An increase in your capacity to perform work at any intensity.

    • This is due to improvements in blood/oxygen delivery to working muscles, sugar uptake into muscle, and glycogen storage.

Better pacing.

    • You'll learn how to manage your resources.

Better breathing mechanics.

    • Improper breathing patterns hamstring performance.  

Improved body composition.

    • Given the right environment (full recovery, nutrient surplus, calorie surplus) this program can promote hypertrophy (muscle growth) or fat loss (w/ calorie balance, and full recovery, nutrient surplus).

Here’s what we'll expect from you:

  • That you attend at least 66% of the programmed sessions (for the over-scheduled adult: you can make progress hitting 2 of the 3 sessions a week, plus the assigned homework).
  • That you don't just give us time, but also your effort.

This isn't a program where you can just show up, turn your head off, and go through the motions.  

Every session will have a focus. 

When we're not focusing on high output, we'll be focusing on technique. 

If it's not technique, then it'll be breathing.

Or pacing.

You get the idea.


Who is this program for?

Project Endurance is for anyone who wants to:

  1. Shed some fat
  2. Level-up their endurance/stamina
  3. Improve their cardio-vascular health.

Do I have to be a member of Madlab School of Fitness?

This program is not restricted to Madlab athletes. 

If you have any friends who’d be interested please forward this info along.

My cardio sucks, can I do this program?

Of course! Project Endurance will customize sessions according to each athlete's ‘pump’.  

I’m a cardio machine, will I get anything out of this program?

As mentioned above, Project Endurance customizes each session according to each athlete’s ability.   

That said, our methodology might be a little different than what you’re used to.

This is mostly because we aren't really focused on preparing for a specific run/row race (with specific distance/time/pace requirements); rather a general improvement of endurance (the research we're pulling from comes from traditional rowing and distance running stuff, but also conditioning practices from top-level soccer/rugby/field sports/MMA as well).

When does this program run?

Project Cardia starts early October (and runs for 6 weeks).

There will be three options for session times (but each option requires a min number of bodies to move forward): 

Flight A - Mondays @ 530p, Wednesdays @ 530p, and Fridays @ 530p.

Flight B - Saturdays @ 230p, Sundays @ 230p, and Tuesdays @ 530p.

Flight C - Mondays @ 6a, Wednesdays at 6a, and Thursdays at 6a.

Each session will be approx. 75min long.

How many Athlete’s in a Flight?

A minimum of 6 athletes and a maximum of 10 athletes to a flight.

What if we don’t meet the minimum required number of athletes for the Flight I’m interested in?

If we don’t get our minimums, we won’t run the Flight.  

To make sure we run your flight, we need the numbers, so grab your buddy in a head lock, drag them over to the computer, and get them to sign up.

What if I can’t make all of the sessions?

No problem, you can make good progress if you can hit 66% of the scheduled classes.

We’ll also assign homework.

If I can’t make all of the sessions do I still have to pay the full price?


What if I’m injured and I can’t Run?

If you’re a little banged up we can adjust most of Project Endurance’s sessions to work for you.

What if I’m injured and I can’t Row?

If you’re a little banged up we can adjust most of Project Endurance’s sessions to work for you.

How Much?

$405 (works out to $22.50 a session) or 2 payments of $215.

Plus GST.

How do I sign up?

Ask your coach if this program is good for you, then:

To secure your spot fill out the following google form:

Contact Andy with your questions.