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Proper Movements - Weekend Post

Picture this – a crowd watches someone get away with stunted movement – within minutes the crowd is a group of haters that now don’t like the judge that was counting the shorted reps but everyone in the crowd were raising their eyebrows and commenting like “he doesn't deserve it” and avoided contact with him post WOD where he was celebrating a personal best with a huge smile on his face. We all saw movements at regionals that we thought should have not been allowed! We saw judging errors that damn right annoyed us but we were not the ones making the calls, we had not stepped up and judged. So it is time we put those things behind us and move forward and help develop all those around us so it does not happen any more!


  Well first of all check out the new sign on the front wall of the school. Make sure you are doing these things every day you walk in, particularly look at number 6! This also goes for the people around you! Remind them if they are boarder-line, remember we only cheat ourselves out of the best quality improvements and gains. Lets all stick together and do things right and of course. HAVE FUN! Saturday   Sunday: Makeup Day Have a great Weekend everyone! Dashie and Tbear