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How to row properly

What do I want for 2017?


Alas this has been an uphill battle for the last 10 years. 

Still... A battle worth fighting.

Back when I first started we used this video to learn and illustrate good form on the rower.  There are fancier and more complicated videos out there but this lays out the basics so perfectly.

Techniphobe Sheppy couldn't get the embed link thing to work in our new website software so here is the link to the video:

If we could just get everyone rowing with these basics I think most people would see marked improvement in their times and output on the rower.

The problem is... Hacking.

Not the Russians meddling with the US Democratic Party's emails.  I'm talking about what George Leonard outlines in his book Mastery.

"The Hacker, who is much more laid back about learning new things than the Dabbler or Obsessive, and is content to stay on the plateau indefinitely, just “hanging out” in a certain comfort zone. The Hacker does avoid getting frustrated, but at the same time is unwilling to invest real effort and hard work in the practice, never pushing, and never really progressing."

You know who you are... ;-) 

Alas I see too much of this on the rower.  Pretty please give this technique a serious try and enjoy the results.  If you need help making a position or transition ask for help.

There are two very common faults that are both easy to fix:

1.  Leaning back too early during the leg drive.  Remember your sequence: Drive (with your legs) > Pry (with your back) > Pull (with your arms).

Note at :24 seconds of the video: The body (upper) angle remains the same throughout the leg drive.

2. The recoil is so key to an efficient and effective stroke.  It seems the prevalent fault here is to lift your knees first in the recoil.Prep your body (upper) poorly and you will execute a poor stroke.

I love the text at the bottom of the screen at 1:15 of the video: Poor body prep (upper) is the source of over 70% of technique errors.

1:30 of the video: Cruicial - Shoulders pass hips before knees break.


Give it a whirl!  What do you have to loose?  Feeling like a bulldozer has run you over or a water buffalo has &%$#'d you when you get off the rower.  ;-)


Merry Merry!!!



PS.  I had cherry pie and perogies for lunch today.  :-)