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Punjab Gymnastics At CrossFit Vancouver

image Day 3 Week of The Shepherd at CrossFit Vancouver Great workout Tuesday! Double Unders are a skill. Those who have it scored well. Wednesday's workout is as follows: 10 Handstand PushUps 1 L Pull Up 9 HSPU 2 LPU 8 HSPU 3 LPU 7 HSPU 4 LPU 6 HSPU 5 LPU 5 HSPU 6 LPU 4 HSPU 7 LPU 3 HSPU 8 LPU 2 HSPU 9 LPU 1 HSPU 10 LPU Oh Ya!! Only those with true HSPU and LPU make the board. HSPU progressions are as follows: Spotting by a partner or heels over the horse or box. If you can't do these then heavy db shoulder press (1 rep max weight). LPU progressions are as follows: 1 kipping pull up and 1 knees to elbows = 1 LPU. These exercises are a great mix of skill and strength. Come on in and get to work!!