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Punky’s public apology & challenge to T-Bear’s day-late claim to have place 2nd as opposed to 5th!

Mad Lab Review: Intensity was on the rise at last night's Mad Lab. Squabbling started right off the bat when Patterson urged the teams to run an 800 m ball run to decide who would get racks for their back squats. That thought didn't go without a challenge, and when the horn went off, flames started to fly. I'll admit, I lost it on the old man. I saw BK filming out of the corner of my eye and knew I would regret it, but as the battle heated up my irritability did too, and so a tantrum ensued. I apologize for losing it, Patty - I was out of line and I love you - however, Sack informed me today that this means "You're right where you're supposed to be." According to Andy, OPT says that when men are peaking, they get aggressive, and when women are peaking they get irritable. So hopefully this means you've done a good job helping prepare me for Regionals next weekend, Patty. That said, sorry for losing it on you. Like the saying goes, 'If you do the crime, do you time.' So for your viewing pleasure, here's picture evidence of what BK called, "Punky losing her shit." image image After the workout, Patty made the executive decision to bump my team from 3rd to fourth because of the seven sit-ups I did prior to my tantrum, combined with the fact that The Sheik's push-ups look like he's having a convulsion the way his head and body shakes with each push-up. So, after this switch was made, the results from the battle looked like this: 1st: Team Pup - 4440 points 2nd: Team Bam Bam - 4340 points 3rd: Team Lumber - 4030 points 4th: Team Eunice - 4050 points (bumped from 3rd to 4th because of Patterson-insisted penalties) 5th: Team T-Bear - 3915 points 6th: Team Ana - 2970 points But it wasn't over yet. Today I show up only to discover that T-Bear came back 12 hours later and re-tallied his chalk lines from last night. Here is the picture that T-Bear is using to make his claim to bump his team from 5th to 2nd! image T-Bear claims that his team miscounted (the top three lines of 5 are actually lines of 6), and so he has re-calculated his score, arguing that his team completed 30 as opposed to their initially counted 27 rounds. His new socre: 4350 points placing him above Team Bam Bam in 2nd. Is this allowed? I argue that day old chalk lines are WEAK evidence at best! Why didn't they have someone counting who wasn't doing the WOD? Second, isn't there a time limit on an appeal? Can you come back 12 hours later and point to faded chalk lines on the floor and insist that you placed 2nd instead of 5th? Wouldn't that be like a hockey team bringing forth video evidence the next day showing that the puck didn't quite cross the crease? Thoughts? "I could have written any number on that board and taken a picture of it today," said Lumber, who is also opposed to T-Bear's day-late claim. I vote we redo this Mad Lab! Too many controversial calls! Thoughts Mad Labbers?