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Prehab/Rehab Success

Ray Macklem - MadLab Prehab/Rehab Success

Ray Macklem - CrossFit Semiahmoo
So I have a chronic issue with "hot elbows". Tendinitis that acts up with a lot of the stuff I do at the gym. It gets pretty gnarly from time to time and I really dislike it as you can imagine. 
So I finally booked an appointment with one CJ Castro to see if he could help me with this nagging issue. What a great move this turned out to be. Real talk for a moment: I've been in less pain in my life and had more pleasant massages. What I haven't had is a wizard fix my issue in one treatment. 1 treatment people! Was it magic? I don't know. What I do is that since I've seen CJ at the beginning of December, I haven't had even the slightest pain while training. I couldn’t be happier with having gone to see CJ and highly recommend you do the same if you’re needlessly suffering.
I came to see CJ to see if he could help me out with my “hot elbows”. I’m an active Crossfitter and suffer through pain when my tendinitis acts up. CJ found the cause and went to work and in the 6 weeks since I’ve seen him, I’ve been completely pain free after only one treatment! Highly recommend CJ to anyone. Thanks CJ!