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Read the story of Andy Nutts in the CrossFit Journal

With Nutts Cup approaching, let's remember why we're hosting the event: to honour our friend Andy Nutts, a Canadian Hero. The CrossFit Journal featured a story about our friend today. Read it here: Or read the pdf here if you don't have a subscription:  CFJ_Nutts_Beers Also, while we're at it, we have another connection to a fallen soldier. For Your Tomorrow is the story of Captain Jeff Francis, a Canadian soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, told by his aunt Melanie Murray. The CrossFit connection: Melanie Murray’s son is the one and only Damian ‘Donkey’ Murray. Donkey’s mom’s book has already gained wide acclaim across the country (check out Melanie Murray’s website – – and you’ll find interviews she’s done with media outlets like CBC and CTV). Donkey describes For Your Tomorrow as an in depth look at what would drive a young man to join the military, as well as a family’s struggle to cope with their loss. With Nutts Cup just around the corner, I think it’s important for us all to take a moment to try to understand what it must be like for those who lost a loved one at war. -Eunice