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Real Benefit of Crossfit Training - Vintage Glassman Day 2

image After four years of doing Crossfit, my performance numbers continue to improve which correlates directly with my training consistency, diet and overall health, however this is somehow not the main reason why I do Crossfit and continue to love it. The reason why I do Crossfit is because my life continues to get better the more I do it. Why? I believe it is because it keeps my head on straight and keeps me grounded and semi-humble. smile The French have a saying "Eat your Frog in the Morning", which equates directly to Crossfit training. A Crossfit Vancouver workout will probably be the worse thing you will ever encounter during the day......and the rest of your day (and what you deal with) will occur as easy in comparison and your life will improve because of it. The fitness industry is littered with contraptions, potions, pills and people who promise you you will get fit ("toned, ripped and sexy" ) by doing little to no work. They promise it will be "easy and fun" and happen almost by magic. That is all bullshit. What does work is the exact opposite. We dream up the most god awful shit that will pack the most potent punch, produce the most work over as many time domains and modalities possible. It will test you mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically to the point where you are forced to become a better person or stay exactly where you are "stuck" in life. Forget all about the mirror and how you look, narcissism is a weak force. Competition and the human spirit to overcome is much more powerful. I am willing to bet that if your performance in the gym improves, your life will improve as well. Vintage Glassman Day 2 Front Squat 3,3,3,3,3,3,3 Hold each squat 5 seconds at the bottom of each squat You are allowed 2 faults, the third is a DQ on the lift. You have to declare the first lift and you can go down or up in weight on any set. Total weight lifted wins. Girl's weights are multiplied by 1.5 So endeth the sermon. Preacher Patty..........out