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Recipe | Heger Veggie, then Chicken, Soup.

Heger Veggie, then Chicken, Soup.

Zdena Heger & Simona “Breasty” Heger

Approved by Coach Chesty


Typical instruction I receive from my mom for many Czech classics:


Me: How long do I bake for?  

Mom: Until it’s done.

Me: Okay, roughly how long?

Mom: When it browns a bit, but not burnt.

Me: Ok well, here we go.



Me: How much salt?

Mom: Enough for some flavour.

Me: How much is that?

Mom: Oh, I don’t know, I just grab some and put it in.

Me: Okay then.



Bones, from a cow.

Chicken, from a farmer.

Water, enough, to cover the bones from the cow.

Garlic, a whole head, or more if you really want a tingle.






Caraway Seeds, small palm-full, unless you have big hands.

Peppercorn, loonie or toonie size amount, unless you use another currency.

Marjoram, a few good shakes.

Salt, to taste. I like salt.

Pepper, same thing.



Select Size Slow Cooker, She did have a point, it really does depend on the size of the pot you're using. 


24-48 Hours, most is set it and forget it.


A couple days of goodness.


Part 1 | Bone Broth

I like to get my bones from the butcher, usually a nice femur that they cut up for me.

I have a small slow cooker so I can usually get about less than 4 cups of water in there, but enough to cover all the bones. I put in a whole head of garlic and one whole onion, salt and pepper. I like to slow cook for at least 24hrs to get max flavour and nutrients out of the bones, so if possible 24-48 hrs. After 24hrs I usually take the bones out and get all the marrow and goo onto a cutting board, chop it up finely (careful it’s smoking hot) and then back into the slow cooker. Sometimes I take about 1/4 to 1/2 the bone stock out and set it aside and then top up the slow cooker with more water.

So with my super rich stock I took out earlier, I let it cool and then I put into my ice cube trays , pop it into the freezer and I use it for cooking at another time or Emile likes to put them into his smoothies in the morning (“It makes them taste like thanksgiving dinner, so I may just drink it like tea or just wait for soup”).


Part 2 | Veggie Soup

Now back to that soup. Get a big pot and depending on your own preference I like to use only half my stock and then more water, but you can use all of it if you love a lot of flavour and nutrients packed. My preference just stretches out the use of the bone stock, so it saves time.

Cut up potatoes into cubes and get them in the pot, the water just needs to cover all the potatoes (that’s how much water you need).

Anyhow, potatoes in, add caraway seeds (small palm full, I have small hands - toonie size), peppercorn (toonie size), marjoram (a few good shakes), salt and pepper. Once the potatoes have been boiling for a bit (10ish minutes), add broccoli, carrots, celery and cauliflower. Leave the heat up so it softly boils until all the veggies soften up.


Part 3 | then Chicken Soup

While I’m making the soup I start my chicken in the slow cooker. Whole chicken is best but breasts are A-okay! So the first night I eat only veggie soup. The next day when my chicken is done, I take it out of the slow cooker and put it into the remainder of the soup. Plenty to feed us for 3-4 days.

Some say it gets monotonous eating veggies and then chicken soup. It is so nostalgic for me, and soothing. It makes me feel so good knowing I am getting all these amazing nutrients, through something I made, that also tastes so good. Clearly I love this soup, so eating it for a few days is fantastic.