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Record Deadlifts set at The School of Fitness

Check out two amazing pulls that happened last Tuesday. Congrats boys. And ladies where you at?? Who's approaching the 250 & 300 pounder?? Monday's workout is not in "our super seven" but is certainly a CrossFit classic that shouldn't be avoided. Let's see where you measure up from your last performance. And if it's your first get ready to be awakened. Workout
"Diane" 21, 15, 9 Reps of - 225/155lb Deadlift - Handstand Push-Ups
One day soon you'll see a bunch of us do this with free-standing handstand push-ups, but until then we all need to select an effective method of modifying the movement. Most of you will chose to kick up into a wall (facing out) and perform these with your hands just outside of shoulder width - make sure your head touches each rep. An abmat will be considered a progression (It's 2" thick). Instead use a towel or shirt for a little comfort. For those who have not yet developed the strength to perform the full range of motion, you're going to get some help through the best progressions we have. Primarily focus on getting inverted - a dumbbell shoulder press just isn't the same. Coaches can rig our pull-up bars with bands that cradle the athletes shoulders and assist them through the movement or we can pike (toes on ground - legs straight) to reduce our load but still move through a similar range of motion that has our hips pretty much over our hands (see photo below). imageimageimage The efficacy of each of these modifications is highly dependent on aligning the athletes hips over his or her shoulders. This vertical alignment should be the goal regardless of your method of modifying the movement. Unfortunately, we see far too many good CrossFit athletes cheating the movement by walking the hands away from under the hips and performing an awkward decline push-up. Think pushing up away from the shoulders to arms overhead (resist recruiting the pecs). As you tackle Diane today, be conscious of your inverted posture and practice the inverted kip as it will certainly help you finish with faster times. TBear