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Recovery Gymnastics WOD

Today's Strength Element: image A1. Bulgarian Ring Rows - 5-6 reps @ 2112 tempo. If this is too easy add some weight or raise the box, if this is too hard lower the box. Stay in a flat-backed plank. As you start to pull to the top of the movement move the rings as far apart as is comfortable image A2. Wall Extensions - 12 reps. Do not slouch, make sure that your hips and back are completely flat on the wall. Keeping the forearms vertical, and wrists and elbows against the wall, slide your arms up to the overhead position. Don't let your low/mid back come off the wall. These are crazy hard, try to keep them as strict as possible. Gold star if you can get your hands higher then Sheppy in the pic above. image A3. Glute-Ham Raise - 5-6 reps @ 2021 tempo. If this is too easy grab a 5 or 10lb plate, if this is too difficult use bands for assistance. Try not to break at the hip as you return to the starting position. Move from A1 to A2 to A3 (with 45 seconds rest between each), repeat 4 times. Today's Workout 5 Burpees 5 Pull Ups 5 Ring Dips Rounds in 5 min Rest 2 min 6 Body Length Broad Jumps 6 Weighted Sit Ups (25/15lbs bumper plate held at arms length) 6 Pistols Rounds in 6 min Total rounds for you score. Finisher: spend 30 sec in a strict L Sit of your choice. Andy