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Dave "Shoe Bomber" Robinson is a great example of a CrossFit athlete. He does CrossFit so he can be better at his sport - Boxing. Last month some of us attended the Astoria Boxing Club's Annual Charity Event. Dave's fight was the second to last of the evening and did not disappoint. Here is some footage filmed and prepared by our very own Darren "BK" Lindwall. Notice how he does not get tired. Steadfast and vigilant in the pursuit of victory. This was a former BC Champion he was beating on. Talking to Dave afterwards he told me that CrossFit helped him a lot. I was both happy and proud to hear this. This past weekend Dave travelled to Kelowna to compete for the BC championship. He took silver in a close match. Congratulations Brother. We are lucky to have you be part of our community. Whether or not you do CrossFit to be better at your sport, or you play a sport to be better at CrossFit, or you just plain love CrossFit... We should all give thanks for all we reap from these plentiful seeds we sow. Wednesday Workout: Some Gymnastic skills then we are going into another session of hard hitting fun. Tech/Skills: Ice Cream Makers/Back Levers Workout: You have 25 minutes to complete the following: 40 Weighted Overhead Lunges (45/25 lb plate) 50 Burpee PullUps 60 Box Jumps (24"/20") Score is the total time it takes you to complete all three. Take as much time as needed in between sets but you must be finished all three in under 25 minutes. Ankle must be under the knee on the front leg of your lunge. Opposite knee must touch the ground. Chest must hit the deck on every Burpee. Chin over the bar every time. Most importantly... Have fun!! Love Shep