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6. Relax into the rehab and recovery process

10 Things I’ve Learned About Injury and the Importance of Mindset


6. Relax into the rehab and recovery process

For me, this was only possible once I knew what I was dealing with and had a plan. Prior to that, I couldn’t let go of the search for answers, and it was exhausting.

Knowledge and a plan allowed me to settle into the moment and find a training and recovery groove that left energy for other things. Once I did this, everything felt a little easier, more manageable, less catastrophic. I could trust the process, do the work, and mentally move on.

If you can relax into it without having to first chase down answers, please do. But whenever you manage it, you’ll feel less anxious and have more energy. And you’ll likely find joy in more things.

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(Huge thanks to Shana Johnstone for allowing us to share her most recent writings)