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Welcome back all. T-Bear's double December Vacation was one of the most memorable if not the best times of my life. I thank all my clients and apprentices for allowing me to take a couple three weeks away from the school to recharge and take stock of the year that was 2010. Now, I'd love you all to look back and ponder what it was for you. Share if you want.... What was accomplished? What worked? What didn't? I like to think of life as writing your book where each step/decision/move must stay exciting enough with experiences for a bunch of people to read it sometime (if and when you publish is your choice). Is each chapter exciting? Are you experiencing joy, happiness and balance to a degree your comfortable with? CrossFit gets you healthy and full of P&V so you can work on those other parts, right. So use the comment section to reflect a bit and tell us your top moments or special accomplishments that your most proud of. Don't post your 2011 goals yet. Anyway, to get you going, Here are some ideas. "It was a year when the president was black and the best rapper was white." - heard that on the radio 2010 was complete with just enough insanity for me to feel blessed, balanced and at peace with it all. My top moments, ideas, experiences; - The road to the 2010 CrossFit Games. Our Vancouver Team was awesome and finished tops in Canada. Loved the final Jungle Gym Team Event. - Found MobilityWOD online. Best daily video info I've ever seen to date. Still love the Journal. - Robb Wolf and his Paleo Podcasts. Learned a bunch and will continue to listen and bring that info to you. - The Dash gets her VISA extension. Nobody's packing a sad this year. - Completing the Choices Seminars. Basic Life training that was invaluable. Thanks to Easy E and Patty. - Finally outfitted myself w/ the cool efficiency tools like the iPhone, Macbook Pro, blackout curtains, food sealer, Gmail, good wine, a surfboard and a wealth of good nutrition books. - Started visiting the farmers market and hitting up all the locals for pasture fed meat and good veggies. - The Olympics - Winning gold and drinking beer; Jon Montgomery's box jump on the podium and hitting the streets with a jug of beer. Loved It. - Golfed 3 of the best courses in Florida with Patty and his mates from Gaspe. US vs. Can RyderCup Style was mint. - Trying to Surf Stimpy's and Rock Island in the Philippines. Newfound respect for the power of the ocean and how fragile we all really are. - Our CF Van Parties. Superbowl, Tofino, Lotusland Tourney, CF Games, Our Halloween Mixer, Lars' New Years. All super memorable. - Found Paleo Eating. Leaned up 12lbs while getting stronger and fitter. It's simple and easy for 98% of us. - And I'm Super Glad to have remarkable consistent clients, apprentices and partners to train and learn with me here at CF Van!! That's enough. I know I missed a bunch but I'll share more with you in person. Get to the School. Monday's Classes Warm-up: 50 Medball Sit-ups with Partner Technique - Box Squat (2's or 3's x 8 Rounds) at 50 to 60% of 1RM. - explode up & stretch back down slowly. think shins vertical. WOD image T-Bear