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Reminder - Offsite Workout this weekend

image CrossFit HQ is in town for a Sold-Out Level 1 Certification this weekend. The Facility will not be open for it's regular class schedule on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a Saturday Sprint Class held over at Britannia School Track or maybe at Kits Pool (if they'll have us - Stay tuned). I'd love to see everyone's 135m front crawl times!! Anyway - post if your a Saturday regular and want to hit Kit's Pool for a little swim meet - CrossFit Vancouver Style. Tuesday's Class Warmup - Two hand turkish get-up practice (KB's or DB's) - watch the groin image Workout
"Bulging Nancy" - 30 Overhead Squats - 400m Run No Racks, Rx 95/65lbs, scale if needed. [3 Rounds for time]