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Reminder - Paleo Kick-Off and other weekly Activiites

Students, Lots happening these days. Here'e an update for all... Wed, Nov 4th - 8pm - Paleo Challenge Kickoff Tbear and the Machine will give an overview of the 4 month Challenge, Paleolithic Eating, the Rules and lots of good Tips to keep you on the right track. FYI - we will continue to pinch, measure and picture take up to Thursday Evening (Ask your Coach to get it done if your a morning student). This is a little more than a body composition challenge as it will include some performance activities that must be completed at both ends and a good change in lifestyle. 4 Categories of Participants - Males & Females will be divided into 2 groups; Seasoned and Unseasoned - the rookies are together (cut off is 1 year or less) -- and the Crossfit Veterans. Thursday, Nov 5th - 7pm - Patty's Client Get together and Goal Setting Session Saturday - Nov 7th - All Day Event at CrossFit Vancouver MadLab Individual Hopper - 8:30am to 5pm - limited space - 3 Workouts - Sunday - Nov 8th - Sunday Classes Begin - 10:30am every Sunday