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RESPECT: Pay Tribute to Those Who Died so you Can Play Rock Band

image Billy Bishop WW I Flying Ace, WW II Air Marshall My Grandfather Gillis Maloney was wounded 5 times in WWII, and his best friend was killed on the last night of the war. Everyone knew the war was going to end at midnight that day, so some of the boys decided to celebrate early, my grandfather was one of them. His best friend took his shift on watch. Just before midnight a shell (probably shot in a final act of revenge) hit my grand father's best friend's fox hole and killed him. Gillis lived with this regret his entire life. I know this because in his later years he yearned to tell some one about his pain before he died. I was young and interested (11- 12) and loved to hear war stories. After everyone went to bed he would come out to the living room (I slept on the couch when he was in town) and he would talk for hours. Things I now know he probably never told anyone, but needed to tell in order to unburden his soul. We as a society need to pay tribute to people like my grandfather and those like him (including the many friends we now have serving in Afghanistan) who sacrifice so much for us, so we may live our lives to make free choices. Our lives are better because of their sacrifice. Myself I like to go to the Parade, pay my respects and have a couple at the Billy Bishop Legion in Kits. This legion is legendary and there is no better way to honor our veterans than a dance and a laugh. Come down and share in the love and respect, it is an awesome time. Wednesday's classes: same as always 11am is moved to one. Wednesday's WOD Mystery Day (My students asked for one, here it is) WOD: Coaches choice smile Remember the fallen Patty