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Respect the Honour Jar

image Our culture at the school has a long standing tradition of trust respect and HONOUR between staff and student. A while back we had a rash of break ins. Drug addicts who cased the place masquerading as "helpers" only to later come by and smash the door down for the change in the honour jar. The irony. We decided to buy a "water machine" to make the problem go away. It created others we didn't foresee. People who forgot their loonie were out of luck, machine didn't work right, loading was troublesome...etc. However the biggest thing we lost was the small town aspect of trust that the honour jar provided. I missed the message and simplicity. We now have an alarm and monitoring SO We are bringing back the honour jar in all its glory. WE trust you. PLEASE RESPECT IT ! Here are the rules: 1) No pennies, nickles or dimes 2) DO NOT write IOU's, borrow a loonie or a 5 dollar bill from a friend 3) Pay every time you take from it, do not put $20 in the jar and keep track of it by memory (it does not work) 4) Make change if you have to, ask a coach if you need to break bills Friday Lesson Plan: Warm Up: Max Pullups Tech: Power Clean 1,1,1 WOD: Ginger Monkey 7 Power Cleans (205/125) 3 rope climbs 400m run x 3 rounds