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Revised workout for today - The Whole Milk Debate

Great thing about crossfit is that its one big experiment. We create these crazy combination workouts and sometimes they work like we plan, sometimes they dont. The 6am class was the experiment this morning and sack and I decided to make an adjustment to the workout to make sure we are able to get what we wanted out of it. The revised workout is: 5 rounds: Hill run 10 Thruster (40/25lbs) 15 Squats To continue on the line of yesterdays discussion of what works for one person wont necessarily work for another...Before taking max and popeyes lead on the gallon of whole milk a day thing, couple things to consider: (1) milk contains a significant amount of sugar which can produce insulin spikes in some individuals causing energy bursts and crashes, (2) If you are purchasing pasturized milk (which most milk in canada is) it can contain a significant amount of chemicals and hormones-the debate is out as to how bad these are for you, (3) a large portion of the population is actually alergic to milk without even knowing it and therefore cannot digest it properly. It is sugested that people go 5 weeks without any dairy products and then reintroduce milk back in to see if it has any negative affects, if it doesnt, you are good to go, if it does, then you should probably avoid it. Heres a link to an article on it as well: