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Rough Love

Some birds just need more time in the nest. After 4-years coaching effort on the part of the CFV coaching team, this little bird is finally ready to flap his wings and see what life outside the nest might hold. As this will be my last programming week at CFV I intend to take some liberties with my coming posts in order to share how it really is for those of you who don't yet know. I will try to keep these posts from sounding like a series of love letters to Patty but it will be difficult. The Boss-man deserves a lot more credit than I can squeeze into 6 blog posts (but he'll have to make do). (If you are easily offended or tend to take everything you read seriously please skip the rest of this post) Patty pushes all my buttons. Can't say he and I see eye-to-eye on everything. Probably never will. His rough brand of love would often be easier to enjoy if served with a heaping handful of KY. He provokes me as much as he provokes you. But that is where the coaching opportunity arises, isn't it? Fran leaves me feeling emotionally and physically wrecked too and she never fails to make me just a little bit fitter and a little bit better. So it is with Patty's brand of coaching. The love, growth and benefit is there for you if you are ready to face it. I could have found a gentler coach or gone jogging on a treadmill but would that have gotten me the results I have experienced courtesy of Patty, Fran and CFV? With Patty I used to think it was "love him or hate him" but over time I've learned that it is more accurate to say "love him, and hate him". He calls on me (and you) to be bigger people than we think we can be. We're not always ready to be confronted that way and we may hate it in the moment. But it isn't always the people who tell you what you want to hear who have your best interests at heart. So, before I fly this crazy CFV coop, please bear with me if some of my posts sound too sappy. I still chafe under the coaching but the love that underlies it is the greatest balm in the world. Grease up and take the fucking coaching! Love ya Boss. Warm Up: Shoulder Stabilization Exercises courtesy of Canadian Olympian Christine Gerard Check the video from this weekend's fantasic seminar or ask one of the many apprentices/athletes who attended it. Tech: OHS 3-3-2-2-1-1 WOD: 3 Rounds 10 OHS (85/135) 50 Double Unders No racks for WOD.  Run heats if short on ropes.  Strong skippers first. The Meadowlark