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Rowing Seminar and 2 km Indoor Regatta

Rowing Seminar and 2 km Indoor Regatta image Hosted by: Emily Beers (former University of Western Ontario rower) Date: Saturday, May 15th. 1 pm - 4 pm How to sign up: e-mail Emily at, or phone her at: 778-887-7903 Cost: $35 ($25 for CrossFit Vancouver members) The Day: 1. The Regatta: A 2 km row on the ergometer. We are going to connect the ergs electronically like they did at the BC Sectional competition. This will allow you to see what place you are in and how much behind the leader you are. It will also allow spectators to watch the race on a screen. Like at an indoor rowing regatta, you will compete in your weight class. - Heavyweight: over 135 lbs. for women and 165 lbs. for men. - Lightweight: under 135 lbs for women and 165 lbs. for men. 2. Rowing Seminar: I will spend an hour to an hour and a half discussing proper rowing technique, focussing on common mistakes that I have noticed CrossFitters make. We will go over: 1. Body positions 2. Stroke rate 3. Racing Strategies 4. Rhythm, Ratio, Arm speed 5. CrossFit Misconceptions: (For example: The Drag Factor - CrossFitters often crank the drag to a 10 when they race, which isn’t ideal). The goals of the day are to: 1. Help athletes become more efficient rowers: Efficiency on the erg will both improve your 2 km row score, and it will let you to turn the row portion of a workout like Christine into the rest part of the WOD. 2. Give CrossFit coaches new and beneficial coaching cues. Prizes for the winners! image Emilys Rowing Background: Emily started rowing at UBC in 2004. She rowed there for two years through her undergrad degree and then rowed for another two years through her masters degree at the University of Western Ontario. In her four years of rowing, she won three Ontario University Championship gold medals, as well as a Gold medal (womens 8) and a national championship banner at the 2009 Canadian University Rowing Championships.