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Saluting the CFV Women

Even on one leg Emily reigns supreme among the CFV female athletes and she's got enough youth, smarts and determination to rule that roost for quite some time. Nevertheless, CFV boasts many inspiring female CF athletes. Kermit's "Amanda" at the Regionals really stands out to me but Fancy Pants, Pinky and Kelly all rock too. In the morning The Great, Amanda, Kathryn and the Sock Sisters are all just a handstand push up and some muscle ups away from breaking into the top tier. So instead of looking at athletic accomplishments to nominate a CFV female athlete of the year, I wanted to bring to your attention a female CrossFit athlete who really inspired me. And even then I couldn't narrow it down to one! I would like to acknowledge two women who have really come a long way since I first began coaching them. T-Lyn My first CF apprentice started CrossFitting in the fall of 2009. By 2011 she was keen to begin her coaching apprenticeship and she's been a great asset to me ever since. To get where she is today she has had to overcome many insecurities and self doubts. And this month her success will be rewarded with the opening of CrossFit South Delta, her very own CF box in picturesque Ladner! I am so proud of her courage and perseverence. Many people have come through CFV as athletes or coaches and gone on to open their own CF boxes but T-Lyn is the first apprentice since Fancy Pants, Lumberjack and I pioneered the official CFV apprenticeship program, to open her own place. T-Lyn it inspires me how you are willing to face your fears and challenge yourself to a bigger game! You and Baby Boy will do awesome. Pirate Sox When Liz first arrived at CrossFit she warned me: "Corey, I'm not sure CrossFit is a good fit for me, it is very intense and I am not really an athlete." Since then she has attended group classes about 3 times a week for more than two and a half years. Liz once told me: "Corey, I don't like competition." This year she won the women's division in my client Christmas challenge defeating some very talented athletes who are more than ten years her junior. During goal setting, Liz said to me: "I don't care about getting better at CrossFit, I just want to get here more often." Immediately after she went on a tear scoring personal bests and capturing top 5 on the leaderboard every week. About Paleo Liz predicted: "I could never do that, I love food too much." This summer she and her husband got lean following a (mostly) paleo regime and they look great! Pirate Sox is a professional, a wife, a mother and she is a model of what is possible with CrossFit. Liz always has a smile and a kind word for everyone. She always comes to work hard and pushes herself to excel. She is a joy to coach and she and her husband, Wolfman, are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. I marvel at her performance at CFV and cherish her friendship outside it. We are blessed to have her in our morning classes! Liz, you've come so far and you haven't peaked yet! Warm Up: 2K Row Tech: Bench Press 5-5-5 WOD: Showdown Look around spot your best friend or worst nemesis, the person who is always neck-and-neck with you in every WOD. Now’s your chance to take them down! Eho can do the most reps at each station? Who has the highest cumulative total after all 9 stations? Partner A: 1 min K2E Partner B: 1 min K2E Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min push ups Partner B: 1 min push ups Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min sit ups Partner B: 1 min sit ups Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min box jumps (20) Partner B: 1 min box jumps (20) Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min pull ups Partner B: 1 min pull ups Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min wall balls (20/12) Partner B: 1 min wall balls (20/12) Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min row (calories) Partner B: 1 min row (calories) Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min burpees Partner B: 1 min burpees Rest:: 2 mins Partner A: 1 min squats Partner B: 1 min squats Note: It is possible to work in groups of 3 or 4 if class size requires. Coaches may also rotate athletes through stations in a different order depending on equipment availability.