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Saturday and Sunday - Partner WOD & Make up day

Saturday Technique: Split jerk (5, 3, 2, 1, 1) Well, I bet everyone thought they had escaped a running workout this week. Not so! Today is a partner workout with running! Workout: "Tag you're it!" 100 lengths of the gym or - tag team style (i.e. Partner A runs one lap = 2 lengths and tags Partner B who then runs one lap etc.) 100 pushups 100 pullups 60 ground to overhead ala Grace (85lbs/135lbs) So, the shuttle run portion of the workout must be performed as specified. The remainder of the exercises must be performed in the specified order, however there is only one partner working at a time and the repetitions may be broken up as your team sees fit. Coaches make sure the athletes have their bars ready to go, but placed just off to the side. The first part of the workout may take the whole gym. No leaderboard for today. You are working for your team! Sunday Sunday is your chance to make up either Elizabeth or CrossFit Total if you happened to have missed either of these. If you missed both well then I guess you get your pick. If you did both then the following workout is for you: Workout: CrossFit Total, Elizabeth or Navy Seal For CF Total see Thurday's post, for Elizabeth refer to Tuesday. Navy Seal 1000 m row 50 thrusters (35 lbs/45 lbs) 30 pullups Hope everyone has a good weekend! -Kermit