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Saturday - Beach Workout and Touch Football

This Saturday - 2:30 pm. Kits Beach workout. image The CrossFit Apprentices will bring some kettlebells out and drum up a creative WOD for everyone to have some fun with. Yes, we all know, Kits is the pretentious beach at times, but it's so much closer than Spanish Banks, and we can rock out on the grass. Either that, or we can hit the WOD on the monkey bars and basketball courts. After the workout - an aggressive game of touch football. Meet on the grass near the pool. Touch base with the Bald Eagle for more details. Friday Workout "Mr. Joshua" Five rounds of: Run 400 meters 30 Glute-ham sit-ups 250/165 pound Deadlift, 15 reps Technique - the proper full GHSU - the Deadlift and the faults when tired - everyone must do at least 3 rounds on the GHSU's to post without progression. Stagger the class and sub abmats in for rounds 2 and 4. Use a progression if you max deadlift is less than 330/220. TBear PS - Please re-write your personal bests for August - they were smudged out by Rh**S HSPU's on tuesday & If you mistakenly borrowed Sheppie's blue nano ipod please return it to the gym. Many thanks.