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Saturday Boxing Clinic - Noon

Even small beaks break big shells. Explanation of small powerless shots used for opening space enough to sink the big one to the body breaking the big man down Agility ladder to warm are feet up. 2 forward one back, in and out each foot to the side, Ali shuffle, quick step to the center. Agility latter to warm the shoulders up. Med ball tech Jab 20, Right 20, Left uppercut 20, Right uppercut 20, Bump in to the right angle right uppercut, Bump to the left angle on the front foot swivel right uppercut left hook right hand Tech on bag and hand pads rotation. Dip out Dip in Dip out right upper left hook Dip in Dip out Dip in left hook right hand Progress to and add this on to the combo Roll punches x 3 If Rolling out, Coming back with straight right left to the body right hand to the chest. If Rolling in Left hook right hand left body shot. Cardio On bag constant hand movement will be the stress throwing # of power shots when called out in combo while also keeping feet moving with your hands in constant motion.(Rhythm)