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Workout for Saturday February 25th 2017


A1) deadlift

5 moderate sets of 5 - climbing

A2) weighted strict pull up/strict pull up/banded strict pull up/ring row

5 sets of 2-8

A3) wall facing handstand/handstand/pike/overhead barbell hold

5 sets of 30-60s


"Wentz Wagon"

18 min to complete

5 rounds

10 hspu/DB shoulder press/pike variation/push up
10 strict toes to bar/v-ups/tuck ups
25 russian kb swings

12-18 min to complete

DB should be as close to 25% of bodyweight per hand as possible


2 rounds

25 seated banded rows
25 banded tricep extensions


2 min soft tissue quads
2 min soft tissue lat