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Training Plan for Friday February 2nd 2019

A) 14 min to practice

- 10-60s handstand hold variation
- i) 6 tall cleans - climbing ii) 6 hang muscle cleans
- i) 8 strict toes to bar ii) 10s hanging L-sit iii) 30s hanging bent knee hold iv) 30s foot anchored sit up hold
- i) 10 alt pistols ii) 5/5 single leg step ups @3131 iii) 5/5 split squats @3131

B) every 2 min for 7 rounds

- 5-15 burpee box jumps
- i) 10-20 alt DB snatch - approx 15-25% bdywt ii) russian kb swing

C) Accessory

- 2 min ankle rotations per side
- 1 min prone Y-s


- add weight to cleans and split squats as needed in part A)
- aim to finish each round in the same amount of time or faster than the previous
- hold same numbers for all rounds