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Saturday Fun at the Park

Level 1 Cert at CrossFit Vancouver this weekend. Andy will be leading a 10 am class only. It will be a repeat of the off site classes this week. Pretty sure no one did both. 10 Burpees 40 m Sprint Rounds in 20 Minutes. or 10 Pull Ups (apparatus in north west corner by ball diamond) 20 Lunges 5 Rounds for time No Leader Board. Some trial and error this week. We will not be hosting any mid week Certs anymore. Many thanks to all our athletes for your patience and understanding. There is lots of great stuff happening this fall. The Super 7. TBear's Paleo challenge. Shep's Pose Running Seminar (Saturday, September 19th). Andy's Flexibility Seminar (Sunday, September 20). Mad Lab 4.0. We are going to have fun fun fun in the coming months.