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Training Plan for Saturday June 23rd 2018

A) 6 rounds - 18 min

- 45s max reps push up - 15s rest
- 45s max i) rope climbs ii) strict chest to bar pull up iii) strict pull ups iv) chin over bar hold v) deadhang hold
- 45s i) max seated L-sit hold ii) 3 sets of 4-8s seated L-sit hold - 15s rest

B) 6 rounds - 18 min

- 45s max cal air bike - 15s rest
- 45s max cal row C2 - 15s rest
- 1 min complete rest

C) 2 rounds

- 20 push up to plank
- 8/8 single arm prone snow angels


- move at one steady pace for the entire duration of the workout