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Saturday: last workout at the Barn, Move, Celebrate

image BK and BullDog will miss the old Barn Ok Crew the big day is bearing down upon us. Gotta get back to dry walling, mudding and framing so I will keep this short. 1) last workout at the barn - 10am Saturday - Everyone signs the Leaderboard and we nail that sucker to a beam hidden up top. Everyone signs the "Crossfit Vancouver" Sign and we take that baby with us to the new Gym. 2) Moving commences at Noon - We load every thing up into vans and waddle across the street and set it back up in the new GarageMahal (Sorry Biggie I still own naming rights). 3) 9pm. We go back to the old "Barn" and send her off with a solid goodbye. Nothing fancy, no costumes this time.......just a few kegs of beer and the company of your friends......maybe a DJ Love yas Patty