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Saturday March 28 2009

Today's workout: Kb Litvanov's 5 Kb Swings (black/red) 50 meter Sprint 6 Rounds Total the time of each of the six rounds. Round to the nearest tenth of a second. Leave the score in seconds. Take two to three minutes rest between rounds. Try to actively pull the kb down from the top of its arc to minimize time. Coaches, warm your athletes up well. Find a flat track with 15m of run out. With four timers you could probably run four man heats. Cool quote from Glassman: "What's the drawback of anaerobic efforts? Discomfort. I know tons of guys who think that spending all day jogging on west cliff is fun. I don't know anyone who thinks a 1000 meter effort on a rower is fun. We know that a good anaerobic athlete can put his hands in his pockets and walk up to a five gallon plastic bucket full of water and stick his head in and drown himself, and not pull out. That's the kind of willpower that's required to endure anaerobic efforts. We don't want to advertise that aspect of our program much. It doesn't draw people through the door (Secretly we suspect it does). But it's true. If you can give me good 1000 meter efforts on the rower, good 800 meter efforts on the track, if you can thoroughly exhaust these anaerobic pathways with a smile on your face, then you are the real deal. To the extent that you can engage in this and not give up, you will also become supremely fit. Because you are working out in the high power range where the intensity is great, and that focus is where all the results come." image