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Saturday Shoe Bomber Boxing Clinic

Working With Wobbles Agility latter warm up for the feet 2 forward 1 back/ in and out to the side/ Ali shuffle Warm the shoulders up/ in and out once. Using latter as the pocket/ jab into and out of pocket/ jab right hand into and out of pocket. Circle movement using rolls and Slick Willy's slides to the sides baby. With partner doing a pushup with med ball then fast jab once standing x10 Pushup with med ball right hand. x10 Sit up with med ball left uppercut. x10 Sit up with med ball right uppercut. x10 Stability when wobbled is good to have so with mat on ground roll to the right x3 roll to the left x3 stand and fire left jab/ right hand/ left uppercut /right uppercut. angle to the left/ angle to the right/ double jab right uppercut left uppercut. This combo will be broken down on pads for progression to the full combo all at once. The WOD will be a count down from 25 power/speed punches to 1 with partner. Once both have completed 25 count down combo from the top on pads with me to finish.