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Saturday & Sunday Double Post

Quick reminder everyone. Tomorrow is "The Drill" at 12:30 pm. This a new addition to the weekly CrossFit schedule. If you have participated in one of Giselle and Andy's previous stretch clinics or have worked one on one with either then come down and check it out. This class is dedicated to improving flexibility through stretching and mobility exercises. And now Saturday Technique: Power clean (5, 3, 2, 1, 1) I think everyone's shoulders and hands are pretty trashed from this week. Perhaps a slight miscalculation in programming but nonetheless it is time to pick on the cardio-vascular cardio-respiratory system a bit. Workout: Lung Burner 800 m run 3 minutes rest 800 m row 3 minutes rest 800 m run 3 minutes rest 800 m row and fall down! Your score is your cumulative time minus the rest. For example, if 30:22 - 9:00 = 21:22. Sunday Was there a workout that you really wanted to do this week, but just were not able to make it in? Well here is your chance to make it up. Take your pick from the week and have at it. - Kermit