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Say Hello... And Goodbye to Dr Taal Bastien

Say Hello to Taal Bastien.  Hes been training at MadLab since September 2018.

During that time Taal has been one of my most dedicated clients.  Eager to learn, extremely coachable and has shown great development in his training.

So you can imagine my surprise when last month he told he was leaving for The Kingdom of Bahrain to work at a clinic, and be the first Naturopathic Doctor in the country.

Taal became a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine in 2016 after a long career in IT wasn't exactly fulfilling his soul.  He felt a calling to help people. 

Interestingly, we discussed his departure from Vancouver fitting under the umbrella of the "brain drain" phenomenon that is becoming all too common.  Like many of us, Taal loves Vancouver but it just isn't feasible for him to live the life he wants here.  This 2 year contract in Bahrain is going to give him a jump start on what is sure to be a great life.

While at MadLab Taal really enjoyed the coaching and accountability we offered.  Pairing this up with our programming he saw his fitness rise and keep rising. 

"All I had to do is follow the recipe and I would feel good and achieve my fitness goals."


I asked if there would be a place where he could continue to develop his amazing squat and he said yes.  Phew! Didn't want all that hard work and natural "Taalent" to go to waste! ;-)

Taal will be around until the end of the month or early January.  Be sure to say hi and bye to this gem of MadLaber and human.


We'll miss you brother!

Keep smiling and may the four winds blow you safely home.