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School Org Chart - Apprentice Meeting Oct. 14th

image Hard to believe, but possibly one of my finest moments. Professor Tbear smile All you level I and Level II apprentices, we will be having a progress meeting in two weeks Wednesday October 14th at 7pm. We will supply beverages. Monday's Lesson Plan - Strength and CvCr endurance/Stamina Warm Up: 4 Bear crawls, 2 crab walks, 2 samson stretch, 25 cart wheels Tech: Deadlift, Dumbell Shoulder press, Squat Clean Coaches- Get all students up to workout weight (or scaled) in each lift. This might be a bit gnarly to get right, especially with a lot of students. persevere, this type of wod has been sorely lacking at the box WOD: 3 Bars of Strain 10,9,8,7.... Deadlift (225/135), seated dumbell shoulder press(40/25), Squat clean (115/65) This one is a true classic. Coming tomorrow: MadLab Details and THE KERMIT CALCULATOR patty