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School's Vision - Why?

Crossfit Vancouver - School of Fitness image Our goal is to professionalize the fitness industry. Our mandate is threefold: 1) Get students fitter than they have ever been and stay that way for the rest of their lives 2) Train apprentice coaches and business owners to become excellent at their profession 3) Reduce coach burnout and increase revenue per hour worked so that fitness trainers can have a lifelong career, own homes and raise families while providing continuity  in the fitness industry. We have collected data from our own affiliate since 2004, and from the hundreds we have consulted to over the past 5 years.  Together with all this data and from sharing information from many of the other top affiliates in the world we are developing a clearer picture of what works in a Crossfit box and what doesn't.  Best practices are shaking out of our success and our affiliate partners success. From this data we have developed systems and software to produce increased revenue and lower coach burnout for Crossfit Affiliates, thus providing a platform to professionalize the fitness industry and make a difference in our communities as a whole. No "one size fits all" for  Crossfit Affiliates, our systems are ever evolving in a quest for excellence that is dependant on various factor many of which include: What each Crossfit owner wants for his/her life, market factors, ambition and talent. Having said that; the success of a Crossfit affiliate, no matter how big or small, new or established will eventually depend upon the systems and best practices that are employed in each section of the following chart. Using this template as our guide we can begin to ask questions, then through trial and error and data tracking we can uncover what works best on all aspects of the business. For example what happens to referrals and retention when we pay our coaches/apprentices by the head (ie pay by how many people attend a class, $5 a head and 10 show up the trainer makes $50 for that class).  Within months we found that referrals decreased and retention more or less was unchanged from baseline.  Why? We can never say for sure, but we suspect that rewarding trainers to compete internally among each other for the existing clients instead of going out in the world to find new clients to get fit is rather obvious after we looked at the data. The same goes for paying trainers by the hour; it leads to rather diminished retention and referral numbers, not to mention coach and management burnout. So what works?  We have learned over the years that incentivizing coaches and apprentices to accomplish goals that are directly inline with getting more students in the gym, keeping them longer and keeping them fit is a win win for everyone. Furthermore having the free market play its role in deciding who is successful and who is not virtually erases micro management and gym owner head aches. There are lots of ways to do this. Our current business model inside Crossfit Vancouver looks similar to that of an engineering or law firm. Our ultimate vision is to have a team of 20, 30, or 40 business partners, where the senior coaches earn their way to become shareholders in the company. They earn respectable livings, have the ability to buy houses and raise families while working in the fitness industry. Eventually they can pass on both their knowledge and their shares to the next generation. Their retirement leaves a lasting legacy and creates true stability in the fitness industry. Our hope is that we can be a mentor and role model to other Crossfit Affiliates in their quest for excellence. Today, we are already well on our way. We have over 500 students, 25 apprentice coaches and 7 full time instructor coaches.   Currently, our top coaches make more then $80,000 a year, work less than 35 hours per week and get 4 weeks of paid (half pay) :) vacation per year. Our school's programs are not just about learning the movements. CrossFit headquarters are the experts in teaching people how to become better CrossFitters. We're here to teach you the business of CrossFit. You will learn systems, sales, and marketing that will grow your business naturally and normally so as to avoid coach burnout and affiliate owner stress.  Our diploma programs will help you become a successful coach and CrossFit affiliate owner, whether you're a one man show, or you want a team of 50. For more details about how CrossFit Vancouver came about, here's founder Craig Patterson speaking at FilFest: You need a Crossfit Journal link to access...Buy it, it is worth every penny! What the Crossfit Journal had to say about our school The future of Crossfit and the School of fitness?

Our programs are constantly evolving. The data we continuously accumulate from both own experiences and from the experiences of affiliate owners around the world is constantly used to shape our coaching and executive diploma programs, with the ultimate goal being to help as many people as possible become both more fit and achieve more business success in the fitness industry.

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