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Scientific Studies and Reporting Information

Do you like studies, science and how the news sometimes comes across to us?   I love reading Scientific American, Wired, Discover, Phycology Today and all that but the delivery at media outlets seem more and more ridiculous with study after study being miscommunicated and outright false and exaggerated and untrue.

As John Oliver says:  " is clearly not bullsh*t but there is a lot of bullsh*t currently masquerading as science."  

If you have 15 minutes take a watch...  You'll laugh and hear things like 

...Sugar helps Cure Cancer and even a headline reporting that Scientists say Smelling Farts might prevent cancer...What?

Some others include:
- Standing but to butt increases your serotonin levels.
- a study says a woman is more open to Romance when they are Full opposed to being Hungry. No Sh*t.
- A new study shows having a glass of wine is like spending an hour at the gym
- University in England says drinking 3 glasses of champagne every week may help delay dementia and Alzheimer's disease
- And something beneficial about having coffee mixed with 8 Hugs a day.