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Seafood Fraud Across Canada and In Vancouver

Last week the CBC did a piece on rampant Seafood Fraud across Canada.  Read it here.

They used a report recently published by Oceana Canada.  Read it here.

The report's author, Julia Levine, says "You're getting ripped off".

The article and the report go into the nuances of the seafood fraud problem and give us several oppotunites for action.

One is asking questions when buying the seafood.  Levin advises asking three questions when buying seafood:

  • What species is it?
  • Where is it from?
  • How was it caught?

"If whoever they're buying from can't answer those three questions, you probably shouldn't buy seafood from that person," she said.

Most of the substitutions being made are cheaper and poorer quality seafood sold for more expensive seafood.  There are also health risks to eating this fraudulent seafood like mercury content and allergy concerns.  This fraud also impairs proper monitoring and conservation of different species of seafood - Especially endangered ones. 

I don't want to tell you to much because I really really really want you to read the article and report.

One more call for action is to sigh a petition.  Oceana Canada is campaigning to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to implement a program of boat to plate traceability.  You can read up about the campaign and sign the petition here.

Read.  Educate yourself.  Be a discerning consumer.