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Prehab/Rehab Success

Sean Allt - MadLab Prehab/Rehab Success

Sean Allt - Personal Trainer 

It is my great pleasure to recommend CJ Castro for Massage Therapy services. I have had several treatments with CJ and have always found him to be thorough with both his assessment and treatment process.

CJ’s goal is rare to find among practitioners: to get his clients to the point where they are no longer in need of his services. To the uninitiated, CJ’s protocol may seem a little odd for an RMT: he completes a comprehensive assessment, provides manual therapy for the existing issues, and compliments those treatments with corrective exercise prescription and follow-up thus giving his clients the best chance at rapid recovery.

As well as working with CJ for my own personal therapeutic needs, I have also referred many of my own Personal Training clients to him for treatment. Everyone I have referred to him have had excellent things to say about the level of care and service they received and CJ has always been good at communicating his findings and treatment plans back to us so that we can ensure that the training plan and treatment plan are in-line with each other in order to maximize speed of recovery.

I would highly recommend CJ’s services to anyone living with pain or dysfunction and is looking for a practitioner to help them get back on track to their full potential.