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Fourth Annual Memorial 'Nutts Cup': Best Day of the Year!

Saturday, August  17th, CrossFit Vancouver is hosting the Fourth annual 'Nutts Cup.' Come honor the memory of a fallen soldier and friend. Then party like Andy would have wanted you to. :)   Thanks to Crossfit vancouver, his parents, Richard and Jane Nuttall, and some other generous sponsors, there is $6000 up for grabs, $3000 for the winning team. For those of you who aren't familiar with Andy Nutts, he was a beloved coach here in Vancouver. He wanted to make a difference in life, so he joined the Canadian Army. He achieved his dream of leading men into combat when he secured the most sought after role in the Canadian Military.....platoon leader in Afghanistan. Andy led from the front and was killed in Afghanistan at the end of 2009. He was a special human being. There will be three team workouts throughout the day, with some team variation of the Nutts Hero WOD as the third WOD. As mentioned already, $3000 to the winning team AND free drinks at the after party, and a cash prize for second and third place, as well. We're also working on some kick ass prizes! Stay tuned... OF COURSE, the night will be topped off with an after party, CrossFit Vancouver style. Reserve the Date in your calendar!!!