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Segmental Disassociation in the Golf Swing

Turn your shoulder then your torso then your hips... Pause for a split second... Weight shift to your lead leg... Then turn your hip then your torso then your shoulders. Hold the club head off.

Voila! A perfect kinematic sequence for a golf swing.

Ok perhaps a bit simplified but that is the nuts and bolts of it.  

What I want to discuss here is segmental disassociation in the golf swing.

In order to execute this sequence you must be able to turn your shoulder without turning your hips and vice versa.  Your upper body segment has to move independently of your stable lower body segment and vice versa. Eventually they will flow together but without this disassociation there no efficient kinematic sequence.

In TPI Golf Fitness we work to create and enhance this crucial aspect of a golfer's swing.  Remember your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.  


Here are a few segmental disassociation drills I really like to practice in a warm up and on a regular basis. 

Disassociation Planks

Turn the shoulder while the hips stabilize.  Turn the hip while the shoulders stabilize.  Perfect.  

Bent Arm Tornadoes

Great for warming up the thoracic, stabilizing the hips and staying in posture during your swing.  I have actually done this with a 6 pack in the parking lot of Fraserview.  Haha.

Stork Turns

Love this one for loosening up and activating the hips to rotate while the shoulders remain stable.  This can be done with the assistance of a dowel or structure to help with balance.


If you have any questions about TPI Golf Fitness please contact Chris Saini at  


Happy Swinging!