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Sergeant Gregory “The Hawk” Kruse - Died fighting for freedom in Afghanistan

imageMy friend and high school basketball team mate was recently killed in action in Afghanistan. We hope he has not died in vain. For those of you who believe we should pull out of Afganistan I suggest you read the book "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini It will give you a really good insight into the history of the region and why our commitment to stay the course in Afghanistan is vital to the freedom of the people of Afghanistan and our way of life in the West. I was reading this book when I heard of Greg's death. My condolences to his family. I can only hope you can take some small solace in the fact that your loss will lead to greater freedom and a better life for others. He was a great guy. There is a Guest Book for people to pay their respects to a man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Wednesday's Workout: "The Hawk" 400m Run max Pushups Total number of pushups in 20 minutes Skills: Front lever, back lever, ice cream maker