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Set Your Week and Fitness Up For Success!

Please indulge me in this discussion.


When it comes to fitness I'm not one for "gimmicks" or "hacks".  In fact when I see something of this sort pop up on my feed I delete it.  Except the Shake Weight...  That is the real deal.  ;-)

After being an athlete and working out for 35 years I can tell you one thing...

Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.

Ok Bruce Lee said that but now so do I.  ;-)

This is what we are trying to do with our programming.  Get you here 3-5 times per week and hopefully you are doing something athletic out there 1-2 times per week.  


So what does this look like? How can you make this consistency happen? Let's make a hypothetical trajectory for you.

If you want to begin to put a serious dent in your fitness, for simplicity's sake lets agree on it taking 6 months.  

Lets work it back from there...

There are 26 weeks in 6 months.  

Lets commit to 4 workouts per week plus 2 athletic endeavours.  If you don't have an athletic endeavour outside of the gym GET ONE!!!  You can run, swim, ski/snowboard, hike,ride your bike, play golf, ultimate, hockey, volleyball WHATEVER!!! GET ONE!!!


So this means you will have 104 workouts and 52 athletic endeavours in 6 months for a total of 156 pieces of fitness and fun.  

Per month thats:

  • 17 (17.3) workouts
  • 9 (8.6) athletic endeavours

At this level it can seem a bit ominous I know.  So let's break it down to the week again.  4 workouts and 2 athletic endeavours per week.  What does your week look like?

Louis Pasteur said "Chance favours the prepared mind".  You must know what you are going into for the week.  This kind of commitment requires time.  You must be prepared.  

Sunday you have have have to food prep and cook for a few days.  Of course this assumes you care about your nutrition.  I'm not always convinced after some of our circle questions.  HaHa!

You have have have have to workout out or athletic endeavour on Monday and Tuesday.  You simply have to.  If Wednesday rolls around and you have only done 1 of these or none? ... You have 5 days to get 6-7 fitness pieces done.  I don't like your odds.  I find getting that Monday and Tuesday in is crucial to having a great week.


I know people sometimes don't always like COMMITMENT... Its a big word.  Personally I feel liberated by commitment.  You know your parameters and can make your life work within them.  

The next question is what would you work on during this 6 month period?  Could you be working smarter not harder?  On your weaknesses?  I bet you could.  Maybe we'll discuss that next week. ;-)

Obviously you don't have to commit to these kinds of numbers but if you're having trouble getting and keeping the fitness/lifestyle ball rolling give this a try.