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Share a moment with Diane, a taste of Elizabeth, and a finisher with Fran

The Caveman Cookout will be on hand this Saturday at Nutts Cup roasting up a feast! From spicy jerk chicken to a Juniper and Figwood smoked pig (I'm not even sure what that is), their menu sounds amazing. They'll be serving their paleo-friendly food from noon until the food is gone, so even if you're not competing, here's another incentive to come out to Nutts Cup. Check out their website for details: CAVEMAN COOKOUT Speaking of competing, a group of us from CF Van - Me (Eunice), Fancypants and Poker - along with an import from Big Al's box in Kelowna - Evan - went to Seattle on the weekend and competed at WOD FEST, where we were second. Check in to WOD HOG tomorrow WODHOG for a detailed recap of the eventful weekend. Less than 30 seconds after the fifth and final workout was under our belt, the drinking began... Tuesday's WOD: Tech: Deadlift (5, 5, 5) Warm-up your power clean WOD: Di-Liza-Fran (Part Diane, part Elizabeth, and part Fran) 21 Diane (255/155 lbs) 15 Elizabth (135/95 lbs) 9  Fran (95/65 lbs) It works like this: Start with your Diane deadlift weight on the bar and complete the round of 21s of Diane (21 deadlifts and 21 handstand push ups). This is followed by the round of 15s of Elizabth (15 power cleans and 15 ring dips), all topped off with the round of 9s of Fran (9 thrusters and 9 pull ups). One bar per athlete. After you do the round of 21s of Diane,  you'll strip your own bar down to Elizabeth weight, and then strip it again for your round of 9s of Fran. -Eunice