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Sheer Ecstacy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

Do you remember Joel Salatin? image He's that super funny, inspiring farmer and the key personality in the documentaries Food Inc. and Fresh and Michael Pollan’s go to guy in the Omnivore’s Dilemma. A must read for any of you striving to find the optimal meal by the way. Well he's in town next Monday, 7pm for a lecture at UBC. Details Joel and his family nurture a beautiful, turn-key, non-industrial "beyond organic" paleo friendly food production oasis in Virginia (that is the polar opposite of what the super mechanized factory farms are doing) and shows how to be profitable while both local and sustainable . The Salatins methods respect the natural physiology of animals, the land, the rhythms of nature and human connectedness to it all. Paleo Challenge Pinching Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night only. Bring cash and you'll be entered in to see how much subcutaneous body fat you can loose in 28 days while easily kicking off the best diet of your life. Monday's Workout Technique and warm-up " Butterfly Pull-up" & "Handstand Walking" Make a fun obstacle course (something a little smaller than the video though) if your your in for a tougher challenge. Workout "Rosa" - 5 rounds 10 HSPU's (strict - kip rules below) 400m Run (sub 60 alternating lunges if the rain cometh) -kip allowed but TODAY count 2 kipping as 1 Strict HSPU. TBear