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Shoe Bomber Boxing Clinic at 2pm Saturday

This weeks focus will be Tommy Hearns long arm of the law straight arm jab. To start warming feet up with the Ali shuffle with agility latter. Then warm the shoulders up doing the Ali shuffle with your hands. Explination of a jabs importance to a boxers offence or defence. Different types of jabs: Up jab, Straight jab Left angle jab, Right angle jab, Faint jab, Slip jab, Body jab, Stiff arm jab. More detail of the situations created by each form of the jab as well what situations warrant the use of any particular jab. 8/14 med ball with partner straight jabing 20 reps then 20 rep with right hand. uppercuts 20 rep each arm. 5 rep each type of jab. Circle work changing angles and direction with punches. secondary action to the jabs range once broken is and uppercut left hook out. 5 rep uppercut 5 rep left hook Bag Work: one person will rotate on pads getting closer direction to the material covered. Not leaving the feet behind working a set jab sequence on bag. WOD On the bag 3 round speed every 10sec, 5sec, 3sec. Imediatly With partner 10 jabs with med ball doing one burpy per jab The idea of this is to try and keep your focus when the body is tiered operation of movements stay technically safe,