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Shoe Bomber Boxing for Saturday

When The Beast Is On Your Trail, Leave a man to tell this tail. Agility latter warm up for the feet 2 forward 1 back/ in and out to the side/ Ali shuffle Warm the shoulders up/ in and out once. Using a med ball 10 touch foot to top. 10 touching foot to top then side jump over and back is one. Using latter as the pocket/ jab into and out of pocket/ jab right hand into and out of pocket. Step foot to bottom left corner of pocket angle left, then quick step to the top right swivel back foot over to the right, step to the bottom right angle to the left. All 4 corners of pocket box will be used continuously. With partner using a 8 pound med ball Jab 10/ right cross 10/ left uppercut 10/ left uppercut 10 With a pushup every time. Circle movement first 2 round without punches last 2 with punches left hook to the left angle right cross (stiff arm) to the right angle out. Technical explanation of Fish tail Footwork using uppercuts and straight arm stiff jabs to lose a stocking opponent on a tail. Pad work rotation on bag with partner 4 straight punch combo turning into a tail O trail of uppercuts losing the stocking beast shall fail. WOD Combo worked on pads two straight left to the head moving to the left, two right uppercuts for the body moving to the right, two more left up top, double right cross with right angle movement, two left to the body out side that elbow angle to the left. Now opponents falling in to the fish tail O trail, your uppercuts shall prevail. 4 round 3 min each waited vest will be worn during first two rounds. Last two rounds done with me on pads without vest all speed both hands and feet moving For a Fish tail. Canadian Boxing Legend Shawn O'Sullivan image